“Joe Gets Things Done”  

I found Joe when I was looking for someone to help me deal with ongoing issues I had with my ex-husband from daily harassment to not honoring visitation schedule and non-payment of child support. At first, I tried to deal with it on my own but it was way too much for me to handle. My life was in constant turmoil and dire need of structure. Thankfully, Joe took over and immediately took care of the most pressing issues. He helped me get an order of protection for two years and reinforced the visitation schedule. As time went on, we also worked out other issues, such as child support payments. I really do not know where I would be if it was not for Joe. My life is peaceful and quiet at last and my daughter is not put in the middle of all the fighting. My only regret is not finding Joe sooner. Posted by Nela – May 22, 2017

“Very Professional” 

Mr. Napoli has a strong command over all issues family law related. I have worked with him on several occasions. He is accessible outside of business hours and makes honest representations. He always makes time to discuss a matter regardless of how busy he is.  Posted by Justino Mirabelli – February 6, 2017

“One of the Best Lawyers I ever had” 

When I hired Joe, my divorce had been finalized. My children’s father had been actively pursuing full custody of our children for approximately 2 years. He was using many subversive tactics to manipulate the system in his favor. Quite honestly, the whole thing was akin to a three-ring circus, with a different accusation brought to the court every week. Joe stepped in right away and brought sanity to my case. His calm demeanor decreased the intensity in the room, whether that be the courtroom or a meeting with all parties present. When Joe was in the courtroom, I appreciated that he used logic when responding to the accusations made which ultimately led to the court deciding in my favor. Additionally, there were several occasions where a petition would be postponed or the judge would request additional information before making a final decision. When this occurred, Joe was able to be quick on his feet — creatively using the evidence provided by opposing counsel to address the petition and provide sufficient information to the judge for settling the petition in dispute. If you are looking for a lawyer who truly cares about your situation and who stands for doing what is right, then you want Joe as your lawyer. Joe understood that I was a single mother with limited time off work, so he ensured that I only went to court when it was absolutely necessary. He fought to protect my rights and my children every step of the way. I am forever grateful for the work that Joe has done, and I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking clarity and/or closure in their family’s legal matters.  Posted by Rikkell – January 5, 2017

“Attorney Joseph Napoli” 

When I found Joe, I was exhausted with my case. I had been in a 6 yr. battle with my kids mom and the court’s. Joe saw right away that things were off track and going down hill fast. Joe took the reigns and got my case back on track. Joe obtained the compensation and justice that I was due and set me on a path, with custody of my kids, to have a strong family unit. Posted by Randall – December 12, 2016

“Highly Recommend, exceeded my expectations!” 

I hired Joe as my attorney after my ex-husband had fallen 2 years behind in his support payments. I went into this with low expectations since my ex did not have a job and hadn’t been looking, but figured something would be better than the nothing I had been receiving. Joe went above and beyond anything I had ever hoped for!

Not only did he make sure my ex was actively seeking employment, but after gathering all financial info from him, he was able to have the court order his house to be sold (which Joe handled everything from finding a realtor all the way through closing!) resulting in me receiving all back support owed to me PLUS a substantial amount put aside in case he were to fall behind again! He also made sure that my ex paid a portion of my attorney fees which was a huge help!

Another huge plus for me was that due to the nature of my employment, if I were to have taken off work for court dates, I would not get paid. Joe was extremely understanding of this and handled ALL my court dates on his own. I never had to appear in court. He also was very communicative and took the time to answer any and all my questions in a timely manner. I would definitely have Joe represent me again if ever needed and would recommend him to any one! Posted by Chris – December 12, 2016

“Highly Recommend” 

Joe Napoli took the lead in my complex support and custody battle against my very high net worth opponent. His dedicated effort and commitment to achieving results is what ensured that my position was rightfully heard, understood, and awarded in the courtroom. Joe is an attorney who knows the value of believing in his client just as much as the client needs to believe in their attorney. It was imperative to me that I could trust my representation to defend my case with the ability to manage a history of very specific details, facts, finances, and great knowledge of the law. Joe’s work ethic and integrity is unsurpassable; his advice is always spot on and was always in the best interest of my child and me. During the most challenging and uncertain time when he was sought to be hired, he restored my confidence and ultimately the quality of life my son and I had to fight for. The combination of his experience with very high caliber cases and the extra measures he takes ensured that our team was always prepared and at peak performance. His professionalism is second to none and he is very well liked and respected by everyone I have seen him encounter, one of his most powerful assets. One of his greatest skills is his ability to negotiate and craft settlement proposals for opportunities to resolve matters against some of the most unreasonable counters. My case resulted in a full trial, and it was Joe’s dependability and efficiency that kept me at ease and allowed us to excel. While the experience itself is unimaginable, what I truly can’t imagine is getting through the process without Joe as counsel. Posted by Anonymous – September 19, 2016


Transparent is the best way I can describe Mr. Joe Napoli. During our case, he made sure I understood everything that was going on every step of the way. He took every challenge that came along and heard every one of my needs, and was very clear in letting me know what we could accomplish and what wasn’t realistic. I felt my voice was being heard and my daughter’s best interests were being protected. Napoli kept me grounded at all times and explained exactly what he needed from me in order to be successful in what were trying to accomplish. When it was all set and done, I feel that my daughter’s best interest won based on the agreement that was signed thanks to the leadership and transparency of Mr. Napoli. Posted by Allan – February 6, 2017

“Making a Case” 

Joe has been solid in every step of the process. He has made a impossible situation turn in my favor. Every time I step in the court room I feel confident that my best interests are being looked out for. He knows how to work with the opposing counsel to make things right! Posted by Cedric Combs – March 17, 2016

“100% Satisfaction” 

My divorce went through on May, 2014. I was very satisfied with my settlement and representation by Beermann Law. Unfortunately, my ex-husband was not happy with the terms of the MSA (which he agreed to).
For approximately four months after the divorce was finalized, I was being harassed day and night over trivial issues. Some emails demanded payment of $1.00 for my half of CPS field trips. The anger and venom of these exchanges became so toxic that Joe Napoli was brought on to handle my ex-husband’s lunacy. Joe filtered through at least fifteen long winded emails per week at all times of the day and night plus an obsessive amount of voicemails. Unfortunately, I am battling Stage 4 Breast Metastatic Cancer. The stress of my illness is difficult enough without the constant badgering of a disgruntled ex-husband. I do not think there is another attorney on earth who could have handled my ex-husband better than Joe did. Joe was extremely comforting and kept encouraging me to look at the big picture while focusing on my health. My last court date was very successful.
I felt very confident having Joe stand next to me. Joe has a presence in the courtroom by being tall, well dressed, extremely professional and competent. It is evident that he also has a strong rapport with his colleagues. Joe has arranged that I am only to be contacted quarterly about expenses. This is a true blessing. I feel like I have my life back again. I can now completely focus on my children and quality of life. I am so grateful for all of Joe’s help.
I, most definitely, would highly recommend Joe. He is the complete antithesis of the stereotype of a divorce attorney. Posted by Anonymous – December 30, 2014