There is nothing more contributory to driving a divorce or parentage matter down the path of litigation than matters concerning children – it can define the very makeup of a parent’s family life post separation.  As such, parenting issues can be the most emotionally (and financially) draining issues that arise when a marriage/relationship fails, and can, for better or worse, have a lasting impact on the parents and/or children.

Decision making responsibilities (formally known as custody) concern a parent’s ability to make major decisions on behalf of their child. Major decisions are defined as those decisions affecting the child’s 1) education, including the choice of school and tutors; 2) heath, including all decisions relating to the medical, dental, and psychological needs of the child and to the treatments arising or resulting from those needs; 3) religion and 4) extracurricular activities. The responsibility of making such decisions shall be awarded to one or both of the parents for each major issue affecting the child.